Abelssoft Win10PrivacyFix 2024 v6.0 + Crack [AppDoze]
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Abelssoft Win10PrivacyFix Overview
Windows 10 exchanges a lot of local information with the central Microsoft servers in the background. Even if the transferred data ultimately serve the convenience of the user, some users fear for their privacy – and would like to decide for themselves which information the system passes on to the Microsoft servers and which not. This is exactly what the Win10PrivacyFix tool helps with.

It is very easy to use and allows you to switch various settings on or off at the click of a mouse. The Win10PrivacyFix tool prevents, for example, the permanent activity of the microphone or the constant transmission of keyboard entries. Microsoft’s data collection servers are blocked and critical services are simply deactivated.

Features of Abelssoft Win10PrivacyFix
Foil Microsoft’s attempts to gather your personal information
Win10PrivacyFix blocks Microsoft’s data transfer server and disables the appropriate services.
Optimizes Explorer and background services
Stop, for example, the persistent activation of the microphone or the regular transmission of keystrokes.
Take back security and control of your system
Win10PrivacyFix helps you manage the balancing act between comfort and privacy.

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