All Noobs must die - Craft, Survival, Mine [0100D0401E8F4000]
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    : 03 May ,2024

If you download this, please DON'T HIT & RUN, remember to SEED - Thank you.
Proof picture(s), nfo file(s) and original file names preserved, where available. It's important to recognise the significant time and effort put in by others into making this available. Please note: The original .rar archive format has been removed.
Will you be able to protect the obsidian portal from zombies and survive at any cost? Build traps, use secret levers, have fun and wield cold and firearms in the battle against the massive army of zombie monsters. Not played this, but seems like fun.

Please ensure you keep the text file when downloading and especially so when seeding. I would like to drive more traffic to the switch section here. Your help would be much appreciated.

Scene Release : Yes
Title : All Noobs must die - Craft, Survival, Mine [0100D0401E8F4000]
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System : Ryujinx 1.1.1297
Firmware : 18.0.0
Prod Key : 18.0.0
Result : Tested beyond main menu, appears to be working well.

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All Noobs must die - Craft, Survival, Mine [0100D0401E8F4000]