Amanda Marshall-Amanda Marshall (1995) EAC FLAC
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Sample Track-Let It Rain

Quote: Amanda Marshall has been gifted with an amazingly soulful voice. I think that word - soulful - is used much too frequently, given to people who don't truly know what it means. But Amanda Marshall is not that woman. She has a blend of a gravelly and angelic voice that reverberates through your heart, through your mind, sending your ears into sensory overload. Or it should anyway. If you have ANY musical taste - you will love Amanda Marshall. And this particular CD has some of my absolute favorites.

"Let It Rain" - written by Kristen Hall. Perfect marriage of a beautiful tune, great vocals and wonderful lyrics. Hauntingly beautiful.
"Birmingham" - a beautiful tune written about a woman who recognizes her volatile situation and is trying to make her way out of it.
"Dark Horse" - co-written by Amanda. Hauntingly endearing song that remembers a time in youth when love is fresh and new and wonderful, but also tinged by doubts. Amanda's vocal on this is perfect. Mila Mason does a great version of it too, but Amanda's voice just entrances you.

Amanda Marshall-Amanda Marshall