CreativeLive - Photoshop AI - Essential Editing Tools
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Photoshop AI - Essential Editing Tools


Published on: 11/2023
Created by: Ben Willmore
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Get the most out of artificial intelligence in Photoshop. Learn to harness the power of artificial intelligence to greatly simplify the process of producing selections and masks, performing noise reduction, and carrying out retouching tasks. These new tools will enable you to achieve results that would have been virtually impossible without them.

AI-powered noise reduction algorithms can effectively reduce or eliminate unwanted noise in your photographs while retaining much more detail than the manual methods that were available in the past. By leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence, you can streamline your workflow and achieve impressive results with little effort.

- Quickly isolate and adjust people, objects and the background or sky
- Reduce image noise while retaining fine detail
- Easily replace the sky in an image
- Perform complex retouching with little effort
- Create sophisticated adjustment presets

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