Engineering Noise Control, 6th Edition [2024]
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This classic and authoritative textbook contains material that is not over-simplified and can be used to solve real-world noise control engineering problems. It covers the principles with practical application of current noise control technology.

Topics new or revised from the 5th edition include: beating; addition and subtraction of noise levels; combining multi-path noise level reductions; hearing damage assessment and protection; speech intelligibility; noise weighting curves; instrumentation, including MEMS, IEPE and TEDS sensors; noise source types, including transportation noise and equipment noise estimations; outdoor sound propagation, including noise barriers, meteorological effects and sloping ground effects; sound in rooms, muffling devices, including 4-pole analysis, self noise and pressure drop calculations; sound transmission through single, double and triple partitions; vibration measurement and control, finite element analysis; boundary element methods; and statistical energy analysis.

- Covers all aspects of industrial and environmental noise control
- Core advanced undergraduate and graduate textbook; and reference text for acoustic consultants and engineers
- Practical applications demonstrate the theoretical concepts