Gordon Giltrap-Visionary/Fear of the Dark (Prog/folk Experimental Acoustic Guitar; EAC FLAC)
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Sample Track-From The Four Winds

Quote: Visionary was Gordon Giltrap's first album to explore the progressive rock orchestra sound which appears on his late 70's releases. It is full of lush guitar, mostly acoustic, layered with synth, bass, and strings to form complex rhythms and sound. This marked a departure from the folk vocal music of his early albums. Visionary is an instrumental effort - save for a lone female vocal on the "Revelation" track. A remake of "Lucifer's Cage" from Giltrap's first album is included, which is well worth a listen, as it greatly expands the original with cool synth swells and a tight rhythm section. Always showcasing excellent musicianship, Giltrap plucks the guitar strings so fast it is amazing. The other musicians are equally adept, delivering incredible performances, often in unusual time signatures. A favorite track is "Night", which is dead last on the record. This masterpiece begins slowly with acoustic guitar and flute, and slowly builds to a climax with drums, bass, synth, and orchestra making for a very pleasant listen. In, fact, this reviewer used this track as the processional at his wedding! It is great to see _Visionary_ available on CD again - better grab it before it goes out of print for good!

BTW...this IS out of print. A copy on Amazon will cost you over $50 today.

Gordon Giltrap