Linkedin - AI-Powered Programming with GitHub Copilot by Microsoft Press
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AI-Powered Programming with GitHub Copilot by Microsoft Press


Released 1/2024
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GitHub Copilot is a revolutionary AI-powered code completion tool that's transforming the way developers approach coding. Developed through a collaboration between Microsoft and OpenAI, GitHub Copilot leverages a massive dataset comprising billions of lines of code to provide intelligent and context-aware code suggestions in real time, enabling developers to level up their efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. In this course, technical trainer and content developer Tim Warner provides comprehensive coverage of GitHub Copilot's capabilities. After a chance to brush up on basics, build your understanding of Copilot and how you can integrate it with your IDE. Learn how to apply GitHub Copilot in coding and enhance your coding with comment-based generation. Find out how to leverage Copilot in your unit testing. Plus, discover how to use GitHub Copilot to build and deploy an app.

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01 - Introduction

02 - 1. Introduction to OpenAI and Its Models

03 - 2. Brush Up on Git and GitHub Basics

04 - 3. Understand GitHub Copilot

05 - 4. Integrate GitHub Copilot with Your IDE

06 - 5. Apply GitHub Copilot in Coding

07 - 6. Enhance Coding with GitHub Copilot Comment-Based Generation

08 - 7. Leverage Unit Testing with GitHub Copilot

09 - 8. Capstone Build and Deploy an App with GitHub Copilot