Small Community Water Supplies: Technology, People and Partnership [blackatk]
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Small Community Water Supplies: Technology, People and Partnership


A handbook/source document on technology of small community water supply systems. Subjects are: planning and
management of small water supplies, community water supplies in Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States,
water quality and quantity, integrated water resources management, artificial recharge, rainwater harvesting, spring water
tapping, pumping, groundwater withdrawal, water lifting, surface water intake and small dams, water treatment, aeration,
coagulation and flocculation, sedimentation, multi-stage filtration, rapid sand filtration, desalination technology,
disinfection, water transmission, water distribution, household level water treatment, technologies for arsenic and iron
removal from ground water, emergency and disaster water supply.

Tags: community management, rural water supply, low-cost technologies, shtf, homesteading, water, technology:engineering:water:environmental:agriculture:civil:waste

Small Community Water Supplies Technology People and Partnership