The Grapes Of Wrath - Drama 1940 Eng Rus Multi Subs 1080p [H264-mp4]
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The Grapes Of Wrath 1940.
The story of the Joad family is told, they, poor Oklahoma sharecroppers, who, like
all others in their situation, are pushed off the land by the wealthy landowners,
many large corporations, during the Great Depression, and, as a result, they, again
like many others in their situation, making the decision for the dozen or so of the
family members, with another one on the way, to migrate to what is seen as the land
of opportunity, California, where jobs, specifically as fruit pickers, are
purported to be plentiful. Not only because of the jalopy of a truck they could
afford to buy to make the trek and their remaining limited funds which they
calculate should just be enough to get them to California where they will once
again start to earn money, their trip is not without incident from unforeseen
circumstances. Arriving in California, they discover that the land of opportunity
is not all it was advertised to be, with they and all others like them facing
different challenges to survive, where, if there are jobs to be had, they are more
often than not for wages on which a family cannot survive, and with security on
site with guns and clubs to control labour unrest. Often, they will have to make
some difficult decisions on whether to accept work in unacceptable conditions in
even attempting to survive, or hold out, like some others are doing, but who are
considered "agitators" who the owners will do anything to eliminate, for good if
need be. While Ma Joad believes that the family unit is the most important thing
that has always gotten them through the bad times, oldest son Tom Joad may have the
most holistically consequential decisions as the one on parole, he just released
from prison after four years of a seven year sentence for killing a man in a bar

=>-Henry Fonda : Tom Joad.
=>-Jane Darwell : Ma Joad.
=>-John Carradine : Casy.
=>-Charley Grapewin : Grandpa.
=>-Dorris Bowdon : Rosasharn.

=>-John Ford.

=>-Genre : Drama : Adventure : Cult Classic.
=>-Languages : English : Russian.
=>-Chapters : 33.
=>-Release Date : 1940.
=>-File Size : 10.4 GiB.
=>-Overall bit rate : 11.5 Mb/s.
=>-Movie Runtime : 2 h 9 min.

=>-Codec : H.264/MPEG-4 AVC.
=>-Aspect Ratio : 4:3.
=>-Resolution : 1 440 x 1080.
=>-Bit rate : 10.0 Mbps.

Audio 1 English.
=>-Codec : AAC LC: Advanced Audio Codec.
=>-Channels : 1 channel.
=>-Bit Rate : 132 kbps.
=>-Max Bit Rate : 162 kbps.

Audio 2 English.
=>-Codec : DTS: Digital Theater Systems.
=>-Channels : 1 channel.
=>-Bit Rate : 1 021 kbps.
=>-Bit Rate Mode : Constant.

Audio 3 Russian.
=>-Codec : AAC LC: Advanced Audio Codec.
=>-Channels : 2 channels.
=>-Bit Rate : 132 kbps.
=>-Max Bit Rate : 165 kbps.

Audio 4 English Commentary.
=>-Codec : AAC LC: Advanced Audio Codec.
=>-Channels : 2 channels.
=>-Bit Rate : 136 kbps.
=>-Max Bit Rate : 186 kbps.

Subtitles - Softsubbed : SubRip.

The Grapes Of Wrath - Drama 1940 Eng Rus Multi Subs 1080p [H264-mp4]

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