The Great Revolutions of Modern History - Professor Lynne Ann Hartnett
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The Great Revolutions of Modern History - Professor Lynne Ann Hartnett


The great revolutions of the past 300 years have profoundly shaped the social, cultural, political, and military landscape of the 21st century. These epic changes tore down established orders and built new ones in their place. What drives individuals and groups to embrace revolution? At what point does a society decide to revolt? Is there such a thing as a peaceful revolution? Why have some revolutions failed while others changed the world?

Delve into these questions and more in The Great Revolutions of Modern History. Taught by Professor Lynne Ann Hartnett of Villanova University, these 24 eye-opening lessons will give you new insights into the forces that have shaped our political and cultural world. You will travel back in time and around the world to examine some of history’s most momentous and influential political transformations. Starting with the motivations and ramifications of the American Revolution and the French Revolution, covering world-changing movements in China, Mexico, India, Haiti, Africa, Russia, and more, Professor Hartnett surveys the shifting tides that inspired each of these revolutions.

We live in a precarious time in the 21st century, with uprisings constantly in the news. What you will learn in The Great Revolutions of Modern History is that revolutions often follow a similar pattern and arise from a similar source: masses of people dissatisfied with the status quo. Join Professor Hartnett for an exploration of political and cultural change - and see how the modern world was formed.

The fascinating thing about this course is that, no matter how many systems are overthrown or how fraught a particular moment can be, a certain aspect of humanity remains constant. People want freedom, opportunity, justice, and they are willing to fight for these values, even if it costs them their lives. The Great Revolutions of Modern History is a masterful presentation of the human spirit in search of a better way of life.

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The Great Revolutions of Modern History [2021]