Udemy - Advanced Microsoft Word Course from Beginner to Expert
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Quote: Description

Hello everyone welcome to our class of MS Word Advance tutorial for learning to make professional quality documents, reports and letters so if you are planning to learn professional quality documents, reports and letters to an advanced level than you are in right place because we will cover the advanced projects . This is an advanced level class so if you have no previous experience then you can get some basic knowledge about MS Word first.

Lets take a look what you will learn from this class:

1. How you will be able to recover an unsaved document

2. Understanding Macros in MS Word

3. Restrict editing and securing your file with password

4. Using different page borders in each page

5. How to customize your page border design

6. Combining multiple word file in one

7. Shortcut keys for MS Word

8. Understanding the MS Word WordArt

9. Project on writing an Application Letter

10. Inserting the file location

11. Writing on an Image in MS Word

12. Drawing chemical formulas using MS Word

13. Understanding the Mail Merge Option

14. Project on making a Professional CV Design

15. Project on making a Flyer Design

16. Making a Project Proposal

17. Project on making a Cover Letter Design

After complete this class you will be able to:

- Understand how to use Macros in MS Word

- Understand the Mail Merging option

- Make professional design for CV, Flyer, Project Proposal and Cover Letter

- Understand how to write a formal letter application

- Turn your shapes into objects

Udemy - Advanced MS Word Course from Beginner to Expert