Udemy - Trading Mindset Mastery - Become A Successful Top Trader
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Trading Mindset Mastery: Become A Successful Top Trader


Published 1/2024
Created by Jacob H.
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Become A Successful, Stoic Top Trader With Resilience And Consistent Trading Success Without The Emotional Pain

What you'll learn:
Master the mental game of trading and achieve the success you always wanted. By developing the right trading mindset you can become a consistent trader.
Become more calm in stressed trading situations so you can quickly adapt and take advantage of all the opportunities the market presents to you.
Learn how to get rid of negative emotions which only clouds your judgement and negatively affects your trading performance.
Learn how to avoid Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) so you don't jump into silly trades that always end up losing and draining your trading account.
Learn how to let go of losing trades so you avoid painful emotions and are ready for the next setups that presents in the market.
Learn to to stop complaining as that will only ruin up your mind and make you miss the next trading setup.
Become a Stoic trader who can keep calm, be relaxed and even keep being happy and content even in the face of tough market conditions and trading losses.
Develop rock solid resistance in the face of the challenges in the market.

A willingness to learn.
An open and positive mindset.
No experience with Stoicism needed. You will learn everything you need to know.
An interest in trading mindset.

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1. Introduction

10. Day 9 - Question Your Perceptions About Pain And Disease

11. Day 10 - Take A Broader Perspective

12. Day 11 - Journal

13. Day 12 - Keep Basic Stoic Concepts At Hand

14. Day 13 - 3 Rules To Live By

15. Day 14 - Memento Mori For Traders

16. Day 15 - EXTRA VALUE Day How You Practice Is How You Play

17. Day 16 - EXTRA VALUE Day Moving Forward

18. Thank You


2. Day 1 - Physical Exercise

3. Day 2 - The Dichotomy Of Control

4. Day 3 - Remind Yourself Of Impermanence

5. Day 4 - Plan For Things To Go Wrong

6. Day 5 - Turn Difficulties Into Opportunities

7. Day 6 - Stop Complaining

8. Day 7 - Put Warren Buffet On Your Shoulder

9. Day 8 - Keep Your Peace Of Mind