Whitesnake - 1994-07-07 - Acquatica Park, Milan, Italy (Pro Shot DVD) - GRNS3
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Here is an excellent vintage bootleg with a great performance by Whitesnake. Recommended for fans.

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Acquatica Park
Milan, Italy
July 7, 1994
Pro Shot DVD5

Lineage: VideoMusic TV Broadcast > vhs(m) > vhs(1) > SA Recorder > TPMGenC3 > DVD

Set List:

Bad Boys
Slide It In
Love Ain't No Stranger
Slow An' Easy
Is This Love
Soldier Of Fortune
Fool For Your Loving
Here I Going In
Still Of The Night

MPEG2, PAL (25 fps), 720*576, 4L3, 9 mb/s
AC3, 2-channel stereo, 16-48, 256 kbps

Whitesnake - 1994-07-07 - Acquatica Park, Milan, Italy (Pro Shot DVD)